Order your latte in sign language at this Starbucks location

A new Starbucks in the U.S. takes special considerations to accommodate the deaf and hard of hearing community.




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Trump criticizes Federal Reserve, says he’s ‘not thrilled’ about interest rate hikes

President Donald Trump, in a rare statement for Oval Office holders, criticized the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates. He said he's “not thrilled” with rate hikes and worries that the work the administration has done will be nullified.




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Report: Wells Fargo refunding millions to customers for add-on products, services

Wells Fargo first disclosed issues with add-on products, like identity theft and debt protection services, in its second-quarter regulatory filing last year. Wells Fargo has stopped selling add-on products and is phasing out of existing ones.




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Immigration nonprofit rejects Salesforce money as tech faces ethics backlash over borders

A Texas nonprofit that helps immigrants has turned down a $250,000 donation from Salesforce, saying it won’t be part of what it calls an attempt by the company to buy its way out of an ethical quandary over its contracts with Customs and Border Protection.




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Automakers oppose Trump car tariffs as job killer, but UAW union voices support

President Trump has proposed widespread tariffs on imported autos and auto parts and the Commerce Department is taking public comment at a hearing in Washington. Automakers spoke out against the tariffs. But the United Auto Workers voiced support.




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